MADRIX Ultimate 256x profesjonalne oprogramowanie DMX512 + DVI output

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MADRIX Ultimate 256x DMX512 + DVI output
MADRIX ultimate - software with DVI and DMX512 output

  • 1 license "MADRIX ultimate" with DVI output with 1,310,720 pixels and 256 x 512 (= 131,072) DMX/Artnet channels
  • Lighting control software for LJs, VJs, and lighting professionals
  • Real-time effects generator and powerful media server in one software solution
  • Delivery includes installation CD, one dongle, user manual (English)
  • The software can be installed on multiple PCs, the dongle activates the DVI, DMX and Artnet output
  • Several licenses can be used with one PC for a multiple of 131,072
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 bits and 64 bits)
  • Possibility to upgrade to "MADRIX ultimate"
  • 3 real-time previews (A, B and outupt) and 2 DVI output windows
  • Additional touchscreen user interface provides for intuitive control
  • Real-time audio analyis with sound-to-light and music-to-light effects
  • Real-time effects processing
  • Automatic effect scaling
  • Capture of video and live video, bitmap and image animations
  • Remote control via DMX512, Artnet, MIDI or even HTTP (browser, iPhone) possible
  • Sound2Light effects: 511-band equalizer, stereo level meter, frequency analysis
  • Music2Light effects: tone, interval and bass analysis
  • Supports 1-channel, RGB, and RGBW lights
  • 2 effect pipelines, 120 storage places
  • Multi-layer technology
  • Over 20 different mix modes
  • Graphical mapping
  • Static colors, color ramp, color fade, color fill
  • Moving text (ticker)
  • Script effect engine
  • Cross-fade, white-fade, black-fade, color-fade
  • Cue list with clock
  • Patch editor
  • Fixture editor
  • Suitable for controlling LED Pixel Mesh and LED Soft Displays (LSD series)
  • For connecting e.g. lighting effects or video displays to a PC an adaptor from USB to DMX is needed, e.g. EUROLITE USB-DMX512-PRO Interface (item no. 51860120)
  • Supports the industry standard DMX512 and Artnet and all standard interfaces (more information on the internet under
  • Free test version available (
  • It is recommended to use a PC with 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB HD, monitor 1024 x 768, sound card for Sound2Light & Music2Light, 1 x USB for MADRIX dongle, Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Installation instructions, operating instructions and software only in English
  • Made in Germany
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