Stagetape Cable tape yel/bl. 148mm x 33m

129,00 zł
Dostępny do tygodnia

This cable guide does not stick

Perfect for short-term cable-attachment
Priceworthy alternative to cable links made of hard plastic
The glued surface is just on the left and right side of the cable links
The middle of the cable links are recessed of glue
Eye-catching design
The cable links are ideal usable at the office area
The removal is relatively easily
You can use it as a marking tape

Carrier: PE-coated material
Mesh: 80 mesh
Total thickness: 0.28 mm
Tear resistancy: 170 N/25 mm
Elasticity: 8 %
Holding power: 5 hours (23°, 25mm², 1 kg)
Storage life: 1 year
Adhesive strength on steel: 16 N/25 mm
Temperature resistance: -10° to 70°, short-term -20° to 80° C
Core diameter: 76 mm
Length: 33 m
Width: 148 mm
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